Monday, March 24, 2008

A great Man!

Last Wednesday, my Grandfather Dr.Mohammad Sarwar Khan was martyred (Inna lillah wa inna elahay rajeoon (We are from Allah, and indeed, to Him we return). A Taliban group going by the name of Lashkarey Islam (Army of Islam) disguised themselves as patiences loured him out of his house at night and shot him with Kalashinkoff (Russian AK47) more than 50 times. Now they have saying that if the rest of the family does not become "Muslim" they will also be executed. My Grandfather is survived by 10 daughters and 3 sons.

My Grandfather and his whole family has been living in this village for more than 50 years and now the Taliban have driven them all out, forced our home to be locked and most likely our lands sold. This is the type of persecution an Ahmadi Muslim goes through in Pakistan.

Only in Pakistan can someone kill an Ahmadi and get away with it. Only in Pakistan can you openly persecute without any justice. Only in Pakistan can you walk up to an Ahmadi Muslim and empty your kalashinkoff clip and go home like nothing happened. Only in Pakistan can you walk into an Ahmadi Mosque and burn it down to the ground because it is called a Mosque. Only in Pakistan can Mullahs burn, torn, throw into the toilet the Holy Quran because it is translated by an Ahmadi. You can do all this without any reprisal.

My beloved Grandfather Dr. Mohammad Sarwar Khan was a beautiful man, a courageous man, who was not afraid of anyone. He stood his ground in the worst of persecution ('74 crises) and defended his home and family. He was beloved by all, even the surrounding villages. He took care of them, looked after them, treated them (mostly for free) and now these people don’t have a doctor. Even if we somehow retaliate and say kill 100 or even 200 of their men that doesn’t solve the problem. My Grandfather is still dead. Violence will not solve any problems. Only the merciful Allah can help.

These cowards, these Mullahs, these wahabhies, these so called real Muslims, these animals, these pigs, these so called Taliban’s and particularly Lashkarey Islam (Mengal) have no sympathy. They have no value for human life. To them life is worthless. These hypocrites do whatever they like, but force onto others their brand of Islam. Islam is a beautiful, peaceful religion and they have hijacked it for their own political means.

I pray to merciful Allah, that Allah may have mercy on these misguided people. Show them the right path. Make them realize the Messiah. May Allah protect everyone, especially those who are in need. Those who have financial problems, those who have physical needs, those who have emotional issues, those who are less fortunate, those who are sick, needy and orphaned. Oh merciful Allah, Oh master of all the worlds, have mercy on all of these people and help them in need. Watch over them and guide us all on to the right path. Protect us and help us. May Allah have mercy on my Grandfather.