Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HP Storage MSL5026S2 Device Failure

So yesterday when i was done replacing backup tapes into our HP MSL5026 tape library, i started the normal "scratch" procedures to prep tapes for backup and all of a sudden i get this weird error message:

And on the front of the drive i have an error message that states "Fault code 3200 (hard). Shuttle jammed". now what do i do? This sucker is out of warranty and i need backups.

So i research this a bit and there were different procedures online for resolving this issue, but no matter what i tried, not hing worked. On top of everything i started getting another error message "The library is busy performing an operation initiated from an external source".

I also came across steps from HP that said do perform a recalibration on the tape drive which i could not due to the weird busy error above, HP steps:

What I ended up doing was to manually release the lock mechanism that hold the doors in place and reseated all tapes. Apparently one of the tapes were sticking out and had caused the robotic arm to freeze. After reseating all tapes, i rebooted device along with server and all tapes were recognized and prepped successfully.

In case you get the above error message try these steps:
1) shut down device and manually open device doors  (by sticking a paper clip or something) and reseat all tapes

2) perform calibration by using the ltt utility found here  Install software (no reboot required), perform software calibration.

3) Perform a vertical calibration by pressing menu on the front of device, select factory and then type 56789. Select Validate. Next select clear SRM position offsets and then select OK. Select Back and then Back again. Reboot device.

 If the above steps do not work then you are out of luck because then it is a mechanical problem and for that HP will need to send out their "official authorized Field Engineer" to replace the robotic arm or track device.

hope these steps help you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for these instructions, these helped me with a stuck shuttle!